Monday, February 27, 2012

Never let Rise & Grind...

An excerpt on Never Letting UP written by Rise & Grind... (Source) 

 ...Just when you think you have it all GOD will give you a punch in the gut to let you know you aren’t finished.  I was the cat growing up who never stopped doing whatever was ahead of me but as I get older I realized I have let up a lot.  Now it only comes back to haunt me when bullshit in my transactions are fucked up primarily of a technicality.  Something so small and insignificant but to the cat I am trying to do business with it’s what they base the deal on.  When I sit down and think about it on the whole I can pinpoint it to me not finishing something off completely.  I’m usually really good at ending things but one I made the mistake of thinking time is on my side I end up paying for it later on in time.  

I used to accomplish so much when I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.  I mean I would read like 12 hours a day on just about any topic related to money.  I would work out at least 3 times a day, 3 x 45 minutes on the elliptical, bench press, biceps, squats and damn near the whole gym.  I would work a side job at night and still had time to break bread with my homies at happy hour, then a club and then an after hour margarita bar each Friday night.  Man I was in the zone and on top of my game as I was making money and living life. 

Sooner or later I got used to things just coming to me in an easy way.  I lost my discipline and my aggressiveness towards making chips.  I started to become just like all the other Suckers in the game walking around here worrying about bullshit politics.  I just let everything go like I was watching seagulls at the beach.  I woke up 4 years later and realized I didn’t care to much about anything and was becoming happy with nothing.  I got out of my hole and I was born into and for once in my life I was actually enjoying life.  I lost all my anger and frustrations and was damn near turning into a HIPPIE in life.  I had all that I needed and I was cool with living that life.  Shit I saw everything I wanted to see, ate everything I wanted to eat, lived everywhere I wanted to live and thought there was nothing new under the sun. 

Then one day the bug got in me again and I took off again to start a new mission.  This one is not so much based off of being rich but about building something.  I’ve been ramping up and getting back in overall fighting shape.  But, since I let up so long ago I have to take care of shit I should’ve never stopped building in this game.  While it’s frustrating at times I know I’ll get there. But DAMN I wish I would’ve never let up

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