Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Powerful Quotes and Lyrics….by none other than the Teflon Don…aka Rick Ross

From the first time I heard, “Everyday I’m Hustlin”, from his 2006 Port of Miami Album, I was a fan.  His lyrics are as heavy and authoritative as the 300+pounds that he weights.  Through the years and in the industry he has earned the title, “Teflon Don,” as his persona transcends into his work ethic and life.   I have provided some of my favorite quotes and lyrics from the Don, as I hope they inspire you as they have motivated me.  Enjoy… (Source)

 “Young and radical, methods are mathematical”- "Live Fast, Die Young"

"I Embark On Life, My Path Is All Math
I Understand The Codes These Hackers Can't Crack

I Understand That Folks Expect Ne To Fold

Community Control To Violate Parole

I Won't Fail, But A Lot Of Men Will

I'm Iconic In The Field, Like Solomon's Seal"

- "Free Mason" - Rick Ross ft Jay-Z

"Lookin InThe mirror but I Don't See Much
Staring In The Streets So I Don't Sleep Much

Watching The Snakes So They Don't Creep Up

But The Way I'm gettin This Money N*ggas Can't Keep Up

You N*ggas Can't keep up, Niggaz Got Beef But It Can't Be Much

I'm Still Walking Thru The Crowds Like I Can't Be Touched"

- "Tears of Joy" - Rick Ross

"Self Made, You Just Affiliated
I Build The Ground Up, You Bought And Renovated

Talking Plenty Capers, Nothings Been Authenticated

Funny You Claiming The Same B*tch That I'm Penetrating "

- "B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)" - Rick Ross ft Styles P

"Momma Gettin Older Feelin Pains In Her Shoulder
I Gotta Stay Focused And Remain A Little Soldier

Brace A Few Wishfuls And The Streets Begin To Whisper

PrayingFor You N*ggas Still Stocking Up My Pistols

Lil N*gga Getting Murdered And Buried In All White

8th Grade School You All Thinking It’s Alright

Trying To Figure Out Where I’m Going With My Life

As I’m Stepping On The Brake And Hangin’ A Sharp Right"

- "All The Money In The World" - Rick Ross

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Words of wisdom fron Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones..aka "NAS"... [Video Clips]

Through the years… music, especially HIP HOP, has inspired me through many countless days and nights of servitude.   As the monotonous days on the grind are emotionally and financially volatile in nature, one must continuously inspire himself from within.  During these trying times of so called, “Grind”,  the radio or IPod is usually playing such artists, as Nas, Jay-z, Wu-Tang, 50-Cent, Common, Big-L…and the list goes on…

Since his first debut album in 1994, ILLmatic, Nas has inspired many, including myself, to take on the toughest of encumbrances. His lyrics have acted as a stepping ground for those who continually seek to hear someone whom has come from nothing, and has obtained everything. The “ComeUp” mentality has led him to become one of the genres all time greats.

I have provided an inspiring video clip from Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, also known as “NAS”, enjoy…

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Steve Stoute on Entrepreneurship and following your gut instinct… [Video]

Entrepreneur and Media Innovator Steve Stoute works with Target on their “Dare. Dream. Do” campaign.  The campaign is focused on honoring exceptional entrepreneurs and is featured by TheLifeFiles.com   

 Steve Stoute on Entrepreneurship and following your gut instinct…

I’m Steve Stoute, uh, I’m an entrepreneur. Early in my career as a, I was a record industry executive, I went from a road manager to an industry executive at Universal and Sony Music, and uh, my roles varied throughout those companies but I ended up becoming the president of both of the companies at the, the end, of the when I decided to walk away from the record business and go into the advertising business. 

In the advertising business I own an agency called, “Translation,” um, which does marketing and communication services for Fortune 500 companies. I left a big job, put it all on the line to go become a partner at an advertising agency in an industry that was, I was very new to, but um, at thirty. But it felt right; it felt like I could, if I bet on myself, I could, um, accelerate the growth, or my growth within that industry itself. If your gut instinct tells you that it’s right, I don’t associate that with risk. I think its risk when you don’t follow your gut instinct; that’s risky. Cause there’s something about that, there’s something about you, innately that says, “this makes sense, and for you not to follow that, you’re actually betting against yourself, and that’s risky.

As long as I’m honest with my beliefs, and I’m honest with what makes me wake up in the morning and go, “yeah I want to do this,” as long as I’m honest with that, and I don’t allow, um, the fear of risk, or the fear of fear itself to interfere with that, then, I’ll be happy. ‘Cause that, that would be pursuing my dreams. I never wanted to, do something, just because. I always wanted to do something that I was passionate about and I believe in. And, uh, that, that sorta encapsulates what my dreams are...

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mistakes are natural...

"We sometimes lose sight of the fact that our primary objective is really to be happy as possible and that all our other objectives, great and small, are only a means that end. To the degree we achieve our subojectives, and to the extent these subojectives are rational, we feel good.... Every man has the natural right to pursue his own happiness in any way he chooses and to retain ownership over all the fruits of his labor, so long as he does not forcibly interfere with the same rights of others." - Ibid

Context to the belief that what makes us happy is the rational of our own conceptual pursuit of happiness.  Now the question is .... What makes you happy?

From the preferential bias of a young man on the grind, happiness has become the many days and lonely nights of constant work.  As work has become his passion, and that passion has paid dividends. 

To the context of the quote above, "Every man has the natural right to pursue his own happiness." Therefore, one's own level of myopia cannot be dictated nor judged by another.  Hence, you are free to make the choices that govern your life, without the usage of physical force and the constraint of others testing your will.

Furthermore, do not let fear or mistakes hold you back.  Mistakes are natural, and people and those who love you will judge you upon them.  But judgment is natural and so are mistakes, so get over it.  I will end the following posting with another great quote by Ibid.

"Don't Let your mistakes be your excuse for quitting. Everybody makes mistakes - you're allowed a few... just not the same ones: The bottom line is to keep moving forward toward the solution of your problems. If others make mistakes in judging you, that's their problem.  It's also not unusual: people make mistakes every day." 

The world is yours.... Vereour Nusquam
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Friday, October 5, 2012

An Interview with Lead Design of NIKE Sportswear *Gemo Wong* [Video]

"The road that I took there are tons of bumps, probably more bumps than successes, but what I have tried to learn is those lessons through those bumps. With every loss there is a lesson. That mindset is what has made me a better person and a better designer."- Gemo Wong

This is an aspiring and one of a kind interview with Lead Designer of Nike Sportswear Gemo Wong.  Gemo Wong takes the time to speak with HueTv in takes the interview behind the scenes at Nike's corporate office.  Gemo Wong has run the operations at such veracious Urban Brands like Enyce, Phat Farm, Girbaud and Sean John.   

No Copyright infringement intended; all material belongs to HueTv
Foreword + interview by Justin Lintag
Stills by Kenn Navarra, Androne Ravalo
Film by Mario & Marlon Soriano

"Passion drives Nike, and it also drives the culture."- Gemo Wong (Source)


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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

With pain comes beauty…

To the context of the everyday man, or so called anthropoid… “I’ve always wanted to use that word”… one must understand that beauty is skin deep.  Now from the context of several diligent and sedulous entrepreneurs, suffering and struggle are both characteristics that become disciplines and arts over time.  As suffering and struggle compound over time, and as days turn into years, disciplines become diamonds.   Very intriguing allusions to understand, but over time and through the value of pain… become everyday figures of speech.   The following quote states it best…..
“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” ― Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross

As I took about a week or two from writing, I couldn’t help but to feel the pain from not typing or holding a pen.  Through the years, the simple form of expression has acted as a form of therapy and with some direction, I have learned to use it as a leveraging tool.   Hence the beauty of the allusion above…”with pain comes beauty.”   Furthermore…master your pain…and over time…. you will master your craft… #Vereour Nusquam