Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Can I live.... by J-Cole... (Video and Lyrics)

"Somebody told me that it's only one shot, so I'll be God damn, If I'm ever gonna stop.. Promise to my momma I'm a make it to the top.. So I'm a keep climbing to my heartbeat drop" - Can I Live... J- Cole

Like Hov said it Can I Live?
Aye dear Lord, Can I live? -Hey!
Now am I Living to get paid just slaves for a wage (all week)
I can't do no 9 to 5 told my momma (sorry)
I can't do no suit and tie, no I want the (glory)
If you knew me know my life is like a movie starring me
Pardon me, if it seems that I'm following my dreams
I ain't reading off the script that they picked (for me)
I ain't pissed, naw could'ntgive a shit (hardly)
I be shitting on them niggas that was shitting on me
Will I live or will I die before they get to know me
If I go I know the ones that's pouring liquor for me
And I know the fake niggas really hating on me
Knew that I was bout to blow so they was waiting on me
But Oh-No, Lord
See I'm smarter then they know-oh-oh
So hold on, Lord, Cause I ain't quite ready to go-oh oh

Can I live

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  1. great post HUGO ..thank you for the many months of great motivation!!