Friday, June 8, 2012

Through the years...

Through the years, I have learned to appreciate the fact that I am different.  Different in the sense of, drive, beliefs, ideologies, philosophies, etc.   Through discipline, pain, and suffering, I have trained my mind to fight for what I believe in.  There are times when the masses are running with the herd, and that’s where my training and courage kicks in to high gear.  I too have doubts some times....  

Luckily, and with God’s help, I have had the pleasure to conquer several achievements.  Sometimes, I am too busy fighting life’s War, that I forget about all the small battles that I have fought and won.  Thankfully, I am blessed to say that I have good friends to remind me of those conquests.  To those select few, THANK YOU!


  1. If you don't mind me asking, how have you "trained" your mind into fighting for what you believed in? Instead of going with everyone else?

  2. That is why you so SPECIAL! You are an amazing man, with a beautiful heart that keeps fighting for what you believe in..Keep on stepping, your future is bright, you are a Winner. Life is a beautiful gift, and so are you! We should have more man like you in this world, but I am glad that I know at least one...You are one of a kind, smart, unique and I admire your authentic ways and beliefs! You truly know the meaning of hustle and working hard, that is why when you receive victories, they are even more gratifying to you because you fought hard to get it, and you will continue to achieve Greatness and Success,Thank you for making a difference in this world!

    ~Bella ;)
    Your Biggest Fan