Monday, May 7, 2012

**Cypher** Ace Hood, Juelz, Fabolous Jadakiss

Jadakiss – The Cypher Lyrics...

Yo I tell you this much hip-hop is not dead
Change gone come just like Barack said
Money, Power, Respect like the lox said
You will be the man of the house my pops said
Heat the streets up real quick its all timin’
Gucci everything Sierra Leone Diamonds
You could know so much but yet no nothin’
If I don’t know nothin’ else, bet I know hustlin’
This ain’t even a rhyme, its a controlled substance
Strickly iron swingin’ no tuslin’
I just do business I dont do friends
Brand new M1′s and 9mm’s
As long as money’s involed with it im in
You ain’t gotta guest the second best im him
I will rap circles around these new urkels
Everything digital, purps is still purple
So im stayin in my lane till it open up
Im like a sponge in the game just soakin up
Log on i deserve a hit, I know you heard of kiss
this is the cypher I murdered it

 The Cypher at the BETs. No Copyright infringement intended; all material belongs to BET.

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