Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You need to constantly bust your ASS...

In a constant world of changing dynamics, one must understand that the brain is the absolute weapon that controls the mind, the body, and soul.  If your passionate about your craft and your business, the results will follow and continually pay dividends.   As I had the pleasure to listen to media mogul Mr. Steve Stoute, the other day.... I couldn't help but to embrace his words as if they were spoken out of my own mouth.  The world amongst all young entrepreneurs and fellow business leaders is quite lonesome.  That is why through the years, I have personally earned the title of the "Lonely Wolf". 

For the fact is, that in my writings I stress the essence of "Self Reliance", and taking on this world "ALONE".  Now the question is...  Can one achieve true balance?   From a mystical and irrational perspective supported by a significant amount of conceptual bias, most will say "YES".....   but in the cruel world of business, war, and games of the mind....the answer is, "NO".     If you desire to be the best in your field, or continually survive the business world of changing dynamics, supported by confounded policies and regulations or even other competitors..... YOU NEED TO CONSTANTLY IMPROVE YOUR MIND, BODY.......and most importantly your BUSINESS!  So stay on top of your game....because if you do not...your COMPETITION AND ENEMIES WILL!!!  

I think Steve Stoute says it best....

"There are people and ideas that I have, that inspire me everyday to bust my ass. I bust my ass. We could put up anybody on the work and I'll go hour for hour, I don't care about that, I don't care anything about that, about hours or being tired and not getting sleep. Because you can't say you want something and complain about what it takes to get it! That does not even calculate in my brain. That's a very important thing that people need to read. I don't know how you could ever say you want something but then don't have a way of getting what you want, but keep being fixated on something, but don't have a way, don't have an idea and don't want to put in the time to figure that out. Do yourself an easy favor; don't say you want that thing. It'll make you sleep better at night." - Steve Stoute


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