Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Failures say "YES"...While those whom succeed say "NO"..

Discipline is a metric that can be obtained by the simple pronunciation of one of the most powerful two letter words in the English language.... "NO".   As most young lads today have a hard problem distinguishing the difference between "No", and "Yes", it is sad to say, but the youth of today are destroying themselves from within.   The simple principles of not delaying gratification, along with destructive impulse behaviors have compounded the dynamics of an undisciplined youth.  On the contrary, it makes it easier for those whom decide to make decision early on in their lives to put in the work and sweat equity.  As street smarts, along with book smarts, and a little bit of sweat equity pay dividends in the long run.  Have you ever asked yourself why others succeed while others fail? ....  The observation is quite simple..... The Failures say "YES"...While those whom succeed say "NO" ....

-Perhaps those whom succeed say "No" to going out on a Friday night, while those whom say "YES" go to the neighborhood pub and spend most of the weekend recovering.

-Perhaps those whom succeed say "No" to eating a quarter pounder with cheese and xl fries, while those whom say "YES" order the XXL meal along with an XXL Shake and an apple pie.

-Perhaps those whom succeed say "No" to waking up late,  while those whom say "Yes" spend most of the morning sleeping .

As you paint the vivid picture, one must never forget how powerful the word "NO" can be.  Author Denis Waitley exclaims the following on discipline;

"Doing within while you do without means being able to focus mentally on your goal while you do without certain things to reach that goal.  You may have to go without sleep, rest, that relaxing television show you want to watch, or the ice cream sundae you're just dying to devour... But in another sense, as you keep doing something mentally within, you will eventually be able to do it without - that is, on the outside.  You will be able to realize your goal physically, materially and visibly."

Furthermore, mastering yourself and your inner demons is one of the toughest and most important self attributes that you will ever need to conquer.  As one must understand that we must first develop the control of ourselves, before we can ever decide to take the initiative to lead others. In layman's need to "CHECK" yourself....before your "WRECK" yourself.    Vereour Nasquam  

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