Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Take on a part time hustle or apprenticeship...

For those who are dead set in starting a company from the ground up or jumping into the world of Entrepreneurship.  I can’t help but to stress the fact that you have to crawl first, before you take the first step, or even sprint. If you take a look at the average corporate 40 hr work week, which usually consists of 9am -5pm, Monday to Friday, there is still ample time for you to start working on a part time hustle or apprenticeship.

Figuratively speaking, you can do some serious damage from the hours of 7pm-12am.  That’s another 20 productive working hours that you can use to either master a craft, or build the foundation to your future venture.   Multiply that times 50 weeks a year, and you have created 1000hrs of extra revenue generated activity.   From a quantitative approach, 1000hrs / 8hr full time work day =  125 work days!

The fact is that you have to learn to capitalize on the energy that your youth admits, while you are young, so you can reap the fruits of your labor in the long term (when you are old).   This means that you have to take on as much responsibility and accountability while you are young, in order to augment enough tacit (street) knowledge that you can use towards starting your dream venture.

For those whom are looking for a part time, or either full time grind, the Services Sector and Advertising Industry offers several evolving niches.  From social media development to design, the potential for income opportunities are limitless.  You just have to step outside of your comfort zone, invest in yourself, and look.

Influenced by the CNN Money article, “Young and restless”, an article that addresses the top 20 jobs for young movers and shakers on the come up. I couldn’t help but to address the following flourishing career as a Product/Brand Manager.

According to the study; (Source)

Median Pay: $90,100
Most people make: $63,000 (90%)
Top Earners: $108,600  (10%)

“You won't be senior management, but you will have control over developing, managing and marketing an assigned product line. In other words, you get to exercise business savvy and creativity. A sizable salary and launching pad to other high-level marketing jobs are part of the package.”

If you need some help researching, feel free to use the global search encyclopedia known as “GOOGLE”, or you can check out the following Social Media Job site. http://topsocialmediajobs.com/

Please note that we do not endorse the site in any way, we are just using it as an example.  It is a pretty legit job search site though.  Just saying..

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