Thursday, September 15, 2011

An unlimited appetite for pain...

I have an unlimited appetite for pain. That’s the secret to my success. I just can’t give up.” Donald Trump

I have a significant amount of friends and colleagues whom don’t like the business philosophies of Donald Trump.  But as always, I try to exclude bias from my memoirs, as ignorance is a trait that I try to obstruct from my personal mind frame.  As I respect the man’s business mind, strategies, and philosophies.

Now let’s begin…. To the common being, it is hard to phantom the realities of an entrepreneur.  As the heart of an entrepreneur is pumped with the blood of uncertainty, we learn to accept life the way it is, and the beat goes on .  Through the years I have had the pleasure to work hand and hand with some great moguls and innovators.  One quality that stands out to me the most, is the way these men and woman endure pain, and emotional duress. 

The last couple of years have been tough on everyone, including myself.  Under this economic dogma, I have witnessed the best get destroyed by outside variables they could not control.  I have seen investors lose wealth on investments and real estate markets, business ventures, ect.  And I have also seen the same group of individuals double their returns with other ventures.  As I sat down the other day with a very close colleague and mentor of mine, I asked him the following question, “How the hell do you handle such stress and still laugh like nothing even happened?”  

He answered with a smile and exclaimed, “Hugo, I came to this world with nothing but these two hands and the clothes on my back.  I can lose everything over night, and at the end of the day still laugh because I know that I will make it all back within a couple of months.  So I don’t sweat, I make them sweat!”

In conclusion,  I like to end this piece with the following quote, “Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body.” In business and in life…We must endure pain in order to reap the rewards of life! ....and that’s the secret to my little amount of success.  So Stay hungry my friends, because I’m starving!!!


  1. Donald Trump is a legend...

  2. i really needed this today! thank you for the motivational inspiration... your a great man Hugo!