Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love is the ignition that fires the soul...

“Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.“ -Samuel Ullman
As I dwindle upon another task-full week, and the hand ticks around my 16hr work clock.  I can’t help but to realize that life is a simplicity that needs to be harnessed with the simple element of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm and passion are to congruent factors that need to be implemented if one wants to live a happy and abundant life.  Now when I say abundance, I do NOT mean it in a monetarily fashion, but in a small yet powerful term known as HAPPINESS!  Sometimes in life, we all become blinded by the never ending rat race, that we forget to harness the most important three personal elements, or the three L’s …named after a shot of V6 Vodka that I took at a Gala event several weeks ago;

1.    Love
2.    Laughter
3.    Life

By now, most of you know that in order to be passionate about a “noun” person, place, or thing… or even an idea…..      one must use love as the ignition that fires the soul.  Once the soul has been ignited, all doubts become beliefs, and all obstacles become triumphs!!!!

Laughter on the other hand, is a gift that we must all be humble enough to embrace.  Over the many young years of studying “PEOPLE”, I have come to a theory known as the, “HUGO’ARIAN” Theory.   This theory states, that we all have a inner child inside of us.  For example, My inner child loves to joke around, play futbol or soccer, and chase girls around the playground.   Now through the years, nothing has changed, and till this day, I am still joking around, playing futbol, and chasing one particular woman around the city of Tampa.  Interesting parable…

The final personal element is known as “LIFE”…  Life is a simple element that we must all enjoy. I can guarantee that there will be times when you are down in your knees, it is those times that your faith will be tested.  Here is where the three “L” elements kick in… Look around you…is it really that bad? Is the situation a matter of life or death?  If not, which I can almost assure you that it’s not…stop complaining…and move on with your life!!! 

As Samuel Ullman states, “Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm-wrinkles the soul.”. Therefore, have the inner strength to live enthusiastically.  If you have hard problems maintaining your energy levels, try the following;

1.    Try increasing your heart rate (i.e. Gym, running, outdoor activities, SEX)
2.    Coffee (my personal favorite besides sex)
3.    Try getting more rest (i.e. SLEEP, or even find time to take a 15min powernap) definitely something I need to do..
4.    Eat Healthy (STOP EATING BAD SHIT!!!!!)

In conclusion, by now you should know that I want all of you to live a prosperous, healthy, and abundant life. So be more enthusiastic, laugh and love more, and take the time to enjoy LIFE!!!!  Because if you don’t….time will just pass you bye!! Tick tock…tick tock…  VEREOUR NASQUAM!


  1. haha I like suggestion no. 2!

  2. ...... thank you Mr. Hugo D. Aviles for a great article and my V 6 Vodka three L's -
    1. Love ......
    2. Laughter ......
    3. Life ......

    I hope my passion and love of distilling highest quality spirits will ignite the love for life and put smiles on peoples faces ...... Cheers from Henry Empire Distillery V6 Vodka ...... thank you Mr. Aviles