Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A persons flight through life.. inspired by my little brother Johann...

“A Man’s flight through life is sustained by the Power of His Knowledge. I take this to heart because I have realized that money and power can be given and taken in this world and the only thing that identifies who a man truly is is his knowledge.“-  (My little brother) Captain Johann Pambianchi USAF

This is truly an amazing statement, and it is quoted by none other than my little brother Johann, who happens to be a Captain in the United States Air Force. A persons flight through life is definitely sustained by the power of his knowledge. My mother deeply stressed that throughout our childhood, along with the fact that SHE WOULD KILL US IF WE DID NOT GO TO COLLEGE! As I look back and laugh at the many life lessons Mother beat into us during our childhood, I thank God everyday that she did. For it is those light smacks on the butt, that have made my brothers and I the MEN we are today! “Through pain and suffering strives discipline”, and I am reminded of that every time I’m with my mother. For the success that my brothers and I have today is inspired by the strength and courage of our mother.

For all those that know my mother, know that she defies the archetype of how a woman should undeniably take care for and nurture for one’s family. Despite the great pains and infinite sacrifices that she battled with, her will to raise spiritual, courageous, intelligent, HANDSOME, and gracious men has put her on an untouchable pedestal. Our daily conversations may seem as simple, pleasant, and monotonous, yet they give me continual renewed strength to carry on God’s will for me. I could not begin to illustrate the love I have for her, but to show it through my actions and accomplishments.

Now let’s not take any credit from our father. Some may call my father a simple man, supporting and raising an average family, this is everything but the truth. My father is a man of overwhelming knowledge and incredible love which is evident in everything he wraps his mind around. He is extremely selfless and sacrificing, and my brothers and I wish that God could bless us with half of his fatherly skills, so that are children could grow up with the same love he has bestowed on my brothers and especially me.

Furthermore, Money and Power can be given and taken away in the blink of an eye! But no one, I mean NO ONE! Can take your WISDOM! For it is your own knowledge that creates and builds the re-occurring Monetary Empires of life! Trust me, LIFE WILL TEST YOU! Just when you think you are invincible, life will come along and take it all away! It is then, when you have to look deep inside yourself and start over.  It is then when your faith along with your vision will compound with your ambition and in time you will reap the rewards of success.  That is the game we call life my friends.  So get to it....

In conclusion, I definitely take this posting to heart, for I have realized that money and power can be given and taken in this world, and the only thing that identifies who a man truly is, is his knowledge! And in business, “Knowledge gives you Vision, and through vision you gain the ability to spot economic problems, and turn them into economic opportunities!"  Vereour Nasquam

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  1. your passion for your work and family is great to see. Keep it up Mr. Hugo!