Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Powerful Quotes and Lyrics….by none other than the Teflon Don…aka Rick Ross

From the first time I heard, “Everyday I’m Hustlin”, from his 2006 Port of Miami Album, I was a fan.  His lyrics are as heavy and authoritative as the 300+pounds that he weights.  Through the years and in the industry he has earned the title, “Teflon Don,” as his persona transcends into his work ethic and life.   I have provided some of my favorite quotes and lyrics from the Don, as I hope they inspire you as they have motivated me.  Enjoy… (Source)

 “Young and radical, methods are mathematical”- "Live Fast, Die Young"

"I Embark On Life, My Path Is All Math
I Understand The Codes These Hackers Can't Crack

I Understand That Folks Expect Ne To Fold

Community Control To Violate Parole

I Won't Fail, But A Lot Of Men Will

I'm Iconic In The Field, Like Solomon's Seal"

- "Free Mason" - Rick Ross ft Jay-Z

"Lookin InThe mirror but I Don't See Much
Staring In The Streets So I Don't Sleep Much

Watching The Snakes So They Don't Creep Up

But The Way I'm gettin This Money N*ggas Can't Keep Up

You N*ggas Can't keep up, Niggaz Got Beef But It Can't Be Much

I'm Still Walking Thru The Crowds Like I Can't Be Touched"

- "Tears of Joy" - Rick Ross

"Self Made, You Just Affiliated
I Build The Ground Up, You Bought And Renovated

Talking Plenty Capers, Nothings Been Authenticated

Funny You Claiming The Same B*tch That I'm Penetrating "

- "B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)" - Rick Ross ft Styles P

"Momma Gettin Older Feelin Pains In Her Shoulder
I Gotta Stay Focused And Remain A Little Soldier

Brace A Few Wishfuls And The Streets Begin To Whisper

PrayingFor You N*ggas Still Stocking Up My Pistols

Lil N*gga Getting Murdered And Buried In All White

8th Grade School You All Thinking It’s Alright

Trying To Figure Out Where I’m Going With My Life

As I’m Stepping On The Brake And Hangin’ A Sharp Right"

- "All The Money In The World" - Rick Ross

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