Friday, October 12, 2012

Steve Stoute on Entrepreneurship and following your gut instinct… [Video]

Entrepreneur and Media Innovator Steve Stoute works with Target on their “Dare. Dream. Do” campaign.  The campaign is focused on honoring exceptional entrepreneurs and is featured by   

 Steve Stoute on Entrepreneurship and following your gut instinct…

I’m Steve Stoute, uh, I’m an entrepreneur. Early in my career as a, I was a record industry executive, I went from a road manager to an industry executive at Universal and Sony Music, and uh, my roles varied throughout those companies but I ended up becoming the president of both of the companies at the, the end, of the when I decided to walk away from the record business and go into the advertising business. 

In the advertising business I own an agency called, “Translation,” um, which does marketing and communication services for Fortune 500 companies. I left a big job, put it all on the line to go become a partner at an advertising agency in an industry that was, I was very new to, but um, at thirty. But it felt right; it felt like I could, if I bet on myself, I could, um, accelerate the growth, or my growth within that industry itself. If your gut instinct tells you that it’s right, I don’t associate that with risk. I think its risk when you don’t follow your gut instinct; that’s risky. Cause there’s something about that, there’s something about you, innately that says, “this makes sense, and for you not to follow that, you’re actually betting against yourself, and that’s risky.

As long as I’m honest with my beliefs, and I’m honest with what makes me wake up in the morning and go, “yeah I want to do this,” as long as I’m honest with that, and I don’t allow, um, the fear of risk, or the fear of fear itself to interfere with that, then, I’ll be happy. ‘Cause that, that would be pursuing my dreams. I never wanted to, do something, just because. I always wanted to do something that I was passionate about and I believe in. And, uh, that, that sorta encapsulates what my dreams are...

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