Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mistakes are natural...

"We sometimes lose sight of the fact that our primary objective is really to be happy as possible and that all our other objectives, great and small, are only a means that end. To the degree we achieve our subojectives, and to the extent these subojectives are rational, we feel good.... Every man has the natural right to pursue his own happiness in any way he chooses and to retain ownership over all the fruits of his labor, so long as he does not forcibly interfere with the same rights of others." - Ibid

Context to the belief that what makes us happy is the rational of our own conceptual pursuit of happiness.  Now the question is .... What makes you happy?

From the preferential bias of a young man on the grind, happiness has become the many days and lonely nights of constant work.  As work has become his passion, and that passion has paid dividends. 

To the context of the quote above, "Every man has the natural right to pursue his own happiness." Therefore, one's own level of myopia cannot be dictated nor judged by another.  Hence, you are free to make the choices that govern your life, without the usage of physical force and the constraint of others testing your will.

Furthermore, do not let fear or mistakes hold you back.  Mistakes are natural, and people and those who love you will judge you upon them.  But judgment is natural and so are mistakes, so get over it.  I will end the following posting with another great quote by Ibid.

"Don't Let your mistakes be your excuse for quitting. Everybody makes mistakes - you're allowed a few... just not the same ones: The bottom line is to keep moving forward toward the solution of your problems. If others make mistakes in judging you, that's their problem.  It's also not unusual: people make mistakes every day." 

The world is yours.... Vereour Nusquam
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