Sunday, November 25, 2012

Questions & Bulletins that every aspiring entrepreneur should ask and live by...

Through the years, I have taken many volatile journeys.  From love to business ventures, the world of a young innovator is quite intriguing.   On the contrary, the journey has established many great friendships and has also destroyed many old ones.  As the world turns, one must have the myopia to keep on striving.
While in the Marines I learned that you need to constantly lead from the front.  This ethos has been ingrained in my mantra for many nights, as it has also been tested in the days.  For all those whom desire to take on the lonely and rewarding world of entrepreneurship, I have taken the time to write down some simple questions that one needs to ask, along with listing some bulletins that one needs to ingrain in there rationality.   Enjoy..

What drives you?

You have to wear what you are most comfortable with, so that you can perform your best work.

If your 70% sure than go for it.

You cannot be scared of change.

You have to look after your team, because they look after you.

You have to judge people on what they say and do.

Would you die for your brand?

Is your occupation or business a reflection of you?

Are you willing to put up with the hardships of the journey?

What is your business ethos?

You only really lose when you sell the shares.

Life is like a business, its 20% what happens to you and 80% how you respond.

If you are not growing than you are shrinking.

You need to stay consistent.

You never want to sacrifice clarity to be clever.

If you want to change your mindset and dynamic, you need to work and live outside of your comfort zone.

You need to constantly inspire and motivate yourself on a daily basis.

You need to find an industry with a void, do your due diligence, and run with it.

If you constantly lead, others will follow.

If you are not testing the boundaries, you are not working hard enough.

You need to work hard and with passion. 

You need to stay young and open minded.

You need to stay fanatical and with an industry long enough in order for you’re to experience the dividends.

Always ask yourself, “What more can you do?”

Stay Energetic and Enthusiastic, even when the world is against you.

If tomorrow wasn’t promised, what would you give and spend today?

No one can judge effort, effort can only be judged by you.

Every moment is a new moment.

Never let your enemies choose the battlefield.

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