Friday, November 30, 2012

You will take on this world alone...

During a conversation that I once had with Mr. Robert Greene on, “self reliance and what it takes to make it in this current volatile environment”, I couldn’t help but to appreciate his thoughts on taking on this world alone.  As he stated, “You were born in this world alone, you will take on this world alone, and you will die alone.”   To the context that the following statement is quite acrimonious to most conceptual values, the truth is that we are alone.  

It is this brutal conceptualization that must me conceptualized earlier on in our lives in order for us to be free of the propaganda that we are taught by are so called loved ones.   The truth is that we are alone, and that we must learn to discipline and master are own weaknesses in order to take on the world.   From time to time we will all be obstructed by variables that we could not control.  If conquered, these obstructions over time become the building blocks that form that foundations to empires.   Hannibal states in the Ninety Nine Truths, “ A first taste of defeat, though bitter, goes far to prepare your palate for future feasts.” 
As Dr. Lung states. “ The Samurai have a saying, “Nine times down, ten times up!” and so we learn from our mistakes – provided we survive of course, This adage has been taught a thousand ways across as many years. Steel can only be made by fire.  Learning to be a “good loser” really does build character…of course, learning to be a good winner pay dividends!”

Furthermore, the earlier that you learn to build self reliant characteristics, the earlier that you will have the self confidence to take on the world.  The world is yours… Vereour Nusquam 

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