Thursday, November 8, 2012

An entrepreneur in today’s environment...

“Forget foundationless traditions, forget “moral” standards may have tried to cram down your throat, forget the beliefs people may have tried to intimidate you into accepting as “right.” – Robert J. Ringer

To the context that most subdue to the norms and values that society has imposed on them, the world of an entrepreneur is not so prevalent to the standard.  As the mindset of one that is constantly testing the boundaries of society, in business and in life, needs no justification. 

The framework above tests several schools of psychological thought, as it combusts with the “Egoism” argument.  So to end the condition of what is good for ones survival and personal happiness is moral… let’s throw the term “Ceteris Paribus” into the equation.

An entrepreneur in today’s environment needs to constantly adapt to the ever-changing dynamics that our government, society, business trends, family, significant others, ect, ect… throws at you.  Which means, that you need to ingrain an, “Adapt & Overcome” mentality to all the variables that are barraged upon you.  So stop complaining, and act in a fluid manner to your internal and external environment.    

In addition, if your goals and dreams are set above the norm, you must make the self commitment and sacrifice to do whatever you have to do in your power to get across the finish line.  Not from a context of hurting those and our environment, but who am I to judge. 

You need to act in a narcissistic manner, love yourself first, and act selfish.  Overtime, your selfish mentality will create an abundant world where those whom you love will enjoy.  So maximize your “pain”, in order to achieve your “pleasure”.  Put in those hours, and gain as much tacit and explicit knowledge to master your craft.  This is the moral context for which an entrepreneur needs to live.  This is my story, and I’m sticking to it.  Vereour Nusquam 

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