Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Difficult takes a day...impossible takes a week...

“Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week!” -Jay Z aka.. Shawn Carter

If I had to compare myself to a musical artist, it would definitely have to be Shawn Carter, or the man known as JAY Z. Shawn is a man that turned his visions and dreams into a reality. With persistence, perseverance, and a little leverage, he became a success to contend with.

For all those that don’t know his story, let me recollect. Shawn Carter, or Jay Z, was born in Brooklyn and was raised in the Marcy Housing projects of Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn. Shawn came from a very humble foundation, and because of that, he was forced to work for his paper. At a young age, the street life was his battle field, and his lyrics were his ways of dealing with the pain and struggle that we call life. The streets formulated his business thought process and philosophies, and from then on he used his new innovative style of thinking to capitalize on all of its opportunities.

From the beginning of his young recording career, NO LABEL WOULD GIVE HIM THE LIGHT OF DAY. When no major label would give him a record deal, he decided to team up with his colleagues Kareem Biggs and Dame Dash, to form the DYNASTY known as Roc-A-Fella Records.

Instead of accepting the hand that life dealt him, Jay-Z changed his cards! He did this by leveraging his strengths with his new team, and in doing so, Roc-A-Fella became an EMPIRE!

In conclusion, as I was listening to my daily Jay-Z session @ the gym on my iPod, I could not help on realizing how much I love HIP HOP! “Difficult takes a day, and impossible takes a week!” For most, dreams and visions never become goals, therefore they are never accomplished. The last year has been a very memorable year for me. God has surrounded me with an amazing group of individuals, and in doing so, I have had the chance to capitalize on all their strengths. As leverage is the key to creating future fortunes, and with the right group of teammates on the field, and on the bench, your goals will only take a day to accomplish, and the IMPOSSIBLE may only take a week!

Which leads me to the following lyrics from the song, “Diamonds are forever”…. as stated before, as I was at the gym training blasting my iPod, I had the following song playing by Kanye West.  Jay Z’s Lyrics on the following song were so powerful, that I had to use it on the following post… Well ladies and gentlemen, here it is…… enjoy… IT’S THE ROC!!........

I got it from here 'ye damn!

The chain remains, the game is in tact
The name is mine, I'll take blame for that

The pressure's on, but guess who isn’t gon' crack? [laughs]
Pardon me I had to laugh at that

How could you falter when you're the rock of Gibraltar
I had to get of the boat so I could walk on water

This ain't no tall order, this is nothing to me
Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week

I do this in my sleep,
I sold Kilos of coke, (so?) I'm guessing' I can sell CD's

I'm not a businessman, I'm a BUSINESS, mannnn
So, Let me handle my BUSINESS, damn!

Kanyeez you got me, Freeway and Foxy
YG', Teairra Mari, Petey watch me

Bleek could be one hit away his whole career
As long as I'm alive, he's a millionaire
And even if I die, he's in my will somewhere
So he can just kick back and chill somewhere, oh yeah

He don't even have to write rhymes
The Dynasty like my money last three lifetimes

Shirley Bassey was in the rear saying exactly
What I was saying practically my whole career

The diamond is forever, I been minding' this forever
Now the Louis Vuitton Don's timing' couldn't be better

People lined up to see the Titanic sinking'
Instead we rose from the ash like a phoenix
If you waiting' for the end, the dynasty signed
And what seemed like forever is a mighty long time

I'm young bitches [laughs]

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