Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My personal thought process in regards to women...

“In the game of buying unpopular stocks, if you don’t have the ability to ascertain the long term economics of the business you are engaging in some risky business! I never buy anything unless I can fill out on a piece of paper my reasons why? Questions compel us to think, but answers tell us whether to act!” ----The Great Warren Buffet
In the game of life, we all tend to make irrational mistakes in the way we choose to formulate are decisions. I can vouch to the fact that I am definitely a pawn in life’s game of chess, but sometimes we need to correct are irrational decisions by changing the way we THINK!

For example, when it come to business, most of you know that I tend to over calculate every enter and exit strategy before pulling the trigger.  Some of you like to call me a little to conservative or a contrarian if need be, but that’s just the way business should be treated. On the contrary, there are times when I like to step out of the box, and step away from my comfort zone, but only when my gut feeling kicks in.    Which leads me to the following example on the mechanics of the “Hugo” thought process.   As my tacit and explicit knowledge along with the compounding of my personal conceptual knowledge acts in congruence with the following “Hugo” thought process steps/survey/questions….

1. Why am I doing this?
2. Should I show emotion?
3. How will this decision affect me in the short term?
4. How will this decision affect me in the long term?
5. What is my best Exit Strategy?
6. What is my worst Exit Strategy?

Believe it or not, I actually have this written down in my black small planner that most of you have had the privilege to see me carry.  The following questions above allow me to personally evaluate the decisions that I am about to make in business and in life! I will give you a recent example;

There was this woman that I happen to have come across a couple of weeks ago that impressed me... Visually, she was very classy, and most of all had an amazing aura! I am very big on auras. After a very intriguing conversation with her, I could tell that she had an amazing personality that complimented her beauty. Then after asking her a couple of questions and using my own personal survey, I noticed that she was educated and had a great family background. To make a long story short, I decided to start pursuing the conversation with her a little further and noticed that she was an amazing women…..but still had not reached the point of her life where she was able to focus…..as she still loved to party!

Using these traits I decided to step away and reevaluate the situation by applying the following questions/survey;

1. Why am I doing this? -------Well first of all, why not! She is an amazing woman, physically, mentally and spiritually.
2. Should I show emotion? ---------- As of right now, no... The great sun Tzu states, “When you are weak, you should act strong, and when you are strong, you should act weak.”
3. How will this decision affect me in the short term? She would make an amazing friend, or maybe girlfriend, that I know for a fact I could have a lot of fun with.
4. How will this decision affect me in the long term? As of right now, her party habits would affect my business/personal ethics and destroy my discipline. I feel that her lack of focus would affect my drive and goals.
5. What is my best Exit Strategy? Keep her as a friend and colleague
6. What is my worst Exit Strategy? Start becoming involved and lose track of my focus.

Furthermore, after using the following system to formulate a strategy and rationalize my thinking abilities, I then came to the conclusion that I should just play the friend card. As of right now, I am at a point of my life where I CANNOT afford to make mistakes,…..physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, ect… and if I do…..I just have to regroup, re-evaluate, and move on. I guess I can say that I am trying to find a women that can complete me, for the short term and the long term. So….if you have anyone in mind that you can refer, I’m taking applications.   Just kidding….


  1. Life is all about taking chances, and when it comes to love as well as business, sometimes you've got to risk a little to reap an even bigger award. Some of the world greatest leaders and entrepreneurs didn't make it to where they are just playing it safe. This also goes the same for love. We're only human and none of us are perfect. To pass up on a chance to be with someone that intriguing that really catches your attention for one character flaw would be ludicrous! Hugo my darling, just go with the flow here. If you feel something then go for it! We only live once, and its better to have loved and lost, than to not have loved at all.

    Rachel R.

  2. I think this is a wonderful strategy. Sometimes I don't understand why we will apply a certain logic that works for us and produces good results, in one area of our lives and then completely fail to use that logic in another area, i.e. love life. I'm especially ambitious yet disciplined when it comes to my career. I'm especially observant and cautious when it comes to my friends. But for some reason, once the infatuation bug bites, all my ability to be rational and reasonable flies out the window. I start thinking like the above poster, "If you feel something go for it!" WRONG. I don't just go for it when I decide to make a career move. I don't just go for it when I add a person into my inner circle of friends. Discretion, discernment and wisdom has a rightful place in decision making ESPECIALLY in our romantic lives! The person you choose to spend time with and build a future with is one of the most important if not THE most important choice you ever have to make. I commend you for evaluating the decision as you did. I'm inspired to start putting this into practice in my own life.

  3. Dear Hugo, WOW... I love the way you think! The strategy you describe is very effective! However, I just want to remind you of ONE thing. DO NOT search for someone to "complete" you! YOU are ALREADY complete! What you LOOK for is some...one to share that completeness with, my friend!!! Always remember this..... "Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction." (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)
    I miss you.... and wish for you the very best!! :)

  4. From someone who knows you very little through one of your friends (and he is well known for making 'irrational decisions'), but have always found you very interesting - if this woman out parties you, or she likes attention too much from other men, ok then you have a problem.... And you will create chaos in your life.
    The biggest decision (not one of the biggest - it is the biggest) you will ever make in life, the biggest investment, is who you choose to spend your life with. Forget all the strategies: The day you wake up simply just knowing in your heart this is the woman you can't live without - that is when you can stop searching.
    You said you chose the friend card. If you didn't have to question yourself or herself, and there was a higher power, unexplainably pushing you to pursue her, then you wouldn't have chosen the friend card. It's when we question ourselves or this person and still pursue, we run into trouble. You will find her. (but definitely do not take a suvey/interview style questions upon first meeting her...)