Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A dream does not come without pain... VIDEO (Damon Dash on dreams)

"I think you have to give yourself goals and until you achieve them you have to work all day everyday till you get them. You can’t wait for someone to give you something. You really have to be on it and prepare. Work ethic is very important, its effort. I see a lot of wasted talent, I seen a lot of people that have a lot of skills insight but because they are so smart they cut corners and because of that you see it in their work and a result of their work. Then I see people that are not that brilliant but because they work so hard they are relentless they don’t get it initially but they eventually will because they are way ahead of that smarter person. I think it’s about being resilient and working hard if some closes the door I open it because the doors will always be closed" -Damon Dash

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