Thursday, October 20, 2011

The triangle of life... mind...body...soul...

“Until you value yourself, you won't value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.”   - M. Scott Peck

I can’t hardly stress it enough, but the most important commodity that one has is “TIME!”   In this world, my mother has professed many teachings to my brothers and I, but one of the most important concepts that we have ever carried from our youth to the present time, would have to be the famous principle of the "Triangle of Life." Growing up, my mother would always profess about the famous triangle.  In Geometry, a triangle is one of the basic shapes, with three corners or vertices.  It is governed by the law of three, and without one corner, it destroys its basic geometric shape or identity.  Therefore, the triangle of life has the same concept, but its three vertices or corners are;


In the bible, the body is always stressed to be a temple, and the same concept applies to the triangle of life.  Like M. Scott Peck states, “UNTIL YOU VALUE YOURSELF, YOU WONT VALUE YOUR TIME!”

Furthermore, if we use the triangle of life to discipline are “TEMPLE”, we are that much closer to reaching are inner peace.  The key to life is “Balance”, therefore you have to be able to find its equilibrium by paying attention to its desires.  Just like a Rolls Royce, your mind, body, and soul need daily tune ups.  For example; your mind needs daily enrichment via new knowledge and learning.  Your body needs energy via a healthy (working out, eating right) and abundant lifestyle.  Last but not least, your soul needs nourishment through prayer and meditation.   

For most, procrastination is the ultimate reward, but in essence it is the ultimate sin. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it, and in order to escape its deadly trap, you have to respect the most important person in your life, YOURSELF!

In conclusion, stop procrastinating, WAKE UP EARLIER and GO TO SLEEP LATER, for time is not on your side!  The body knows this, and will let you know how much ample time you need to run its motors.  Therefore, test your body, mind and soul to its limits.  Because when you do, the only variable stopping you is time!  Vereour Nasquam ...

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  1. The most valuable asset you can ever have..i'm starting to realize this fact more and more now..Keep the knowledge coming..Bravo