Monday, January 30, 2012

The 6 Principles of Mental Strength...

An excerpt by Gregg Swanson on the Warrior Mindset...

Mental strength is the ability to overcome and control mental resistance, negative thoughts and emotions to consciously cause things to happen.

Here are 6 Principles on mental strength from philosophers, sages, heroes and thought leaders principles about the mind. I have found these 6 to be common among the great ones.

*Principle Number 1

The Law of Things: Thoughts are things, they are real forces, and they are energy. This has been proven over and over again, to doubt this is to doubt your own existence.

*Principle Number 2

The Law of Bi-direction: The mind is like a two-way radio, it is a sending and receiving station of thoughts. C’mon, you’ve experienced it; you’ve been in a room and "feel" someone looking at you. Well, they’re not just looking at you; they’re thinking about you and sending you a message. Or how about when you’re thinking of someone and they call you.

*Principle Number 3

The law of Magnetism: The Law of magnetism states that, thoughts that are thought with emotional become magnetized and attract similar and like thoughts. Have you ever gotten in a fight with your significant other or boss and then all the thoughts that follow are about how "bad" the other person is?

*Principle Number 4

The law of Management: The Law of Management states that we are perpetually experiencing thoughts and we have the power and the capacity to either entertain those thoughts or release them. Let’s say you’re driving on the freeway and someone cuts you off. At that split instant you can either allow the thought that "whatta jerk!" in your mind or "wow, that person must be having a bad day" You can either hold on and entertain the first thought…or the second thought. It’s all up to you!

*Principle Number 5

The law of Placement: The Law of Placement states that we have the power, ability and capacity to place and insert any thought of any type into mind at anytime. This is sometimes a bit tough to practice, because it feels soooo good sometimes to be mad. But by staying mad we are allowing those thoughts to stay with us. If when you’re mad you see or think of a puppy, kitten or baby you instantly dissolve that emotion. So, by consciously managing your thoughts you are actually managing your mood as well.

*Principle Number 6

The Law of Association: The six and final principle of is the Law of Association. The Law of Association states that the inner and outer worlds are associated and connected. The outer world of our circumstances and situations, the inner world of our thoughts and reactions, are connected. This one is the toughest to discuss without some more background information. And rest assured, your thoughts (inner world) do ignite your actions that create your results (outer world).

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