Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It Takes Time...

An excerpt from Daniel Freeman’s Rise & Grind on Time…

It’s hard to be patient when you don’t know exactly how long to be patient.  I get it and even though this post will try to help you cope with it, I don’t know if it will.  No Business is built in a day but since most of us grew up where entertainers just go from nothing to something most of our ideas of how to get that empire are skewed.  So many of you will quit when your first business doesn’t work out that you will say a typical Suckerism of maybe it wasn’t meant to be.  Truthfully you believe money will just come to you in a concert with how hard you work, BUT IT WON’T!

I’ll say this from the start so you don’t get lost.  Everything you do will take more time than you thought.  Money and success will never come to you in the timetable you have set for them.  Even if it came 1 week after you started it will still feel like it was 1 week to long.  By nature when you start a business you think it will pop, but this is a tough ass balloon and it takes a ton of work and mistakes to come up with a way that works.  The race is for those who endure and keep creating through disappointment and struggle.  The reason why you see so many people who tried and failed is because they stopped trying and pretty much thought that was the best they had. 

When I started my first business I was around 8 or so.  I sold candy, burritos, and whatever I could out of my pocket. I then moved on to clothes, beepers, rims and whatever I could get my hands on.  I then moved onto Condoms, t-shirts and whatever I could get my hands on. See the key is I sold whatever I could get my hands on and I wasn’t stuck to any one product primarily because I wanted to make money.  I was lucky to go through that kind of training because I never fell in love with product as I really wanted to make money.  So when something took too long I didn’t feel bad I thought it was slow cooking or maybe I had to push it to the back for a better time. 

I learned patience through my own trials and tribulations of trying to make money.  Since most of you cats don’t like any form of struggle you guys pack up to fast and go back to the plantation. Its best if you don’t think about time at all when you start because it will disappoint you like a fat person who check s the scale after one workout.  Think of it like growing up as it took 18yrs for you to be considered an adult and so it will be with business. 

It will take time and there’s nothing you can do about it but stick to it!


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