Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Street Smarts is Supreme...

An excerpt from The Hustler's Notebook written by JK Allen...

Street Smarts is Supreme

Street smarts is knowledge obtained through life experience. It’s a social form of intelligence that controls our social awareness: having keen judgment and making quick decisions. We simply can’t establish the qualities that make up street smarts in any other way than experiencing life; learning from our actions and their causes and effects.

Putting the information into practices broadens your knowledge and widens your perspective. It’s the information you learn and act upon that shapes your attitude, extends our thresholds; increasing your value.

Street smart people…

    …may not possess a plethora of ‘likely unneeded’ data, but they have 

                  the chops to learn and execute on the fly.
    …aren’t set on theories, but trial and error of real life application or action.
    …rely on their intuition to guide them. They trust their gut.

Street smarts is supreme because it’s what makes up your intangible qualities. A street smart person has the ability to make connections between different pieces of information and situations…it’s being savvy.

Street smarts is…

    …practical intelligence.
    …common sense-based.
    ….attitude and skill.


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